Monday, May 3, 2010

Hush little baby.

(Charlie and daddy, about 6 months old)

It's 1:37 am right now and I'm typing this post from bed while Charlie watches her Baby Einstein video beside me. She's teething big time right now and it's brutal at night. I would like to personally thank the makers of Children's Tylenol for making our life a little easier one dose at a time. I keep it on the nightstand so that when Charlie wakes up howling in the middle of the night, my feet never even have to graze the floor to get it. I like to think of the bed as an island in the middle of the night, that I leave as little as possible, and only for emergencies, so I keep all of our tools within reach. It's been a good night if our island managed to remain self sustainable.

It feels disheartening to know that Charlie (and Matt and I) will go through this excruciatingly painful process of teething, for nothing. She will never get to use her teeth for their intended purpose. I imagine that for parents with 'normal' children they can at least see the light at the end of the teething tunnel...or maybe not, I don't know...but at least somewhere down the road there's a steak in it for the kid (or tofu) and it suddenly makes it all worth it. In my positive moments I think, "Charlie's teeth are for showcasing her beautiful and brilliant smile." And, even now, with only 2 and 2 half teeth, does it ever look pretty damn adorable when she smiles...just when you think she can't get any cuter...

When I was pregnant I subscribed to a baby website called Baby Center. You plug in your due date and it emails you everything to expect as the weeks go by in your pregnancy. After you have the baby it emails you all the monthly milestones to expect from your baby. It doesn't apply to our family anymore, but I haven't quite figured out how to unsubscribe to it, so I keep getting these "your baby is crawling now" type emails that sting a little bit to read. Most of the time I just delete them right away, but every now and then I like to torture myself and I open one up just to see what we're missing out on. I know that sounds harsh and I don't feel that way all the time, but I do on the days that I feel weak enough to cave in and open the email, which is few and far between. And, it's only the physical and long term advice/information that doesn't apply to us, she's still a little brainiac meeting all of her emotional and vocal milestones.

Oh! She's asleep! I'm gonna finish up here and get some rest too before the drooling angry tooth monster possesses my sweet Charlie again in a couple hours!

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  1. Sorry to hear she is having trouble teething. Teething is especially hard with children with serious respiratory issues because of the increase in secretions and all the other things that come with teething. Bipap ventilation really helps them cope with this. Another thing that really helps is Beckman Motor Oral Therapy which I wish we started Shira on sooner. This therapy helps curb jaw contractures but not only that really stimulates the mouth and gums helping teeth to protrude quicker. You might want to ask your doctor about getting a Speech Language pathologist in to help you out. In the mean time using your fingers to massage her gums works well. also has a z-vibe, mini massager and nuk brush you can purchase which are the tools of the trade to work on our children's mouths to stimulate them. Hugs to you guys!!