Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adventure Challenge

(Charlie and mommy 11 months old)

OK! I'm officially nuts! I have signed up to do this 'Adventure Challenge' with my friend Melissa...running, biking, and kayaking! Please sponsor me! And tell your friends too! All donations go to Canuck Place, the children's hospice...they have been an amazing resource for Charlie and our family, and families like ours. Find us under 'Cherie Cox' or our team name is 'Charlie's Angels'. Thank You!

Please follow this link to sponsor me:

AND, Pray for me! I've never done anything like this...I'm looking forward to this personal challenge!

Thank you ALL so much...and Charlie thanks you too!


  1. way to go Cherie! Megs

  2. I found out about your blog and fund-raising efforts through my gym and just spent the last 2 hours reading all about Charlie. She's beautiful and seems like such a joy to be around:) I have never met you but thank you for being so honest and sharing this experience with others. If I am ever lucky enough to be a mother one day, I hope to have some of your grace and strength. Good luck with the adventure race!!

  3. Thanks Mandeep! You're obviously a lovely person yourself.

  4. Hey Cherie, good luck with your fundraiser, I hope Charlie's birthday was full of joy, she truly is an angel, love that smile xxx Juleika