Saturday, June 19, 2010


(Charlie almost a year old)

Charlie turns 1 in two days! When she was initially diagnosed we were told she probably only had a few months to live, now six months later, we're getting ready to celebrate her first birthday! Matt and I are so grateful she came into our lives, SMA or not...she's a spectacular little lady!

I've made a video/slideshow with 100 reasons why we love Charlie so much:

Can't wait to celebrate next Sunday!


  1. beautiful photos! happy 1 year charlie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!! Hope to celebrate many more with you!

  3. Oh My!! What a sweet, sweet angel indeed!! She has really grown a lot. I love her adorable outfits too. Makes me miss when my kids were babies and all the cute clothes. I love how she's always on that thumb too!! Too cute. I hope you all have a wonderful 1st birthday filled with much love, laughter and fun!! Please post lots of pictures as I'm sure Charlie will have a blast. You can really tell she loves people and other kids. She is always smiling! Happy, Happy Birthday to 'ONE' very sweet angel and her parents!! Cherie, I love your blog. I think you and Matt are amazing parents who aren't afraid to voice their true feelings (good or bad) and I really like that. I also appreciate your honesty. I know you feel blessed to be her parents but Charlie is blessed by you and Matt as well. You can see the love all over you guys and you can never have too much love!! Thanks for the slideshow. You have a lot of great pictures in there and Charlie is smiling in almost everyone! She's just beautiful and I know how very proud you are of her. It really shows. Have a wonderfully, amazing day with your
    angel and families. Take a million pic. to show us!! Take care....Kris

  4. Oh my god. My heart just burst wide open. I love her so much. Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.


  5. She gets cuter every single day!

    Happy Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!!


    Linda xoxoxox