Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 17 Month Birthday Charlie!

(Charlie, 17 months)

Yesterday was Charlie's 17 month birthday. Two weeks ago we were terrified that she/we wouldn't see this day, but we're happy to report, Charlie is on the mend, and getting stronger everyday (again!)!

Two days ago I got an email from a woman that I've never met or talked to before...it said, "Where are you? I have been following your blog for months now and you
haven't posted in a couple of weeks and I'm worried sick about Charlie! Just wanted you to know there are a lot of people thinking about you and your family everyday..." WOW! My heart swelled! I had been having one of those days where I was feeling negative about people not meeting my expectations regarding Charlie and the support I/she does or doesn't recieve from them, and feeling disappointed and hurt because of it...so, when I received this email from a complete stranger, I changed my focus from who was disappointing me, to who was pleasantly surprising me, and I feel much better now because of it. At the expense of sounding arrogant, Charlie is a rare, special angel, who anyone would be PRIVILEGED to know, and if someone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to really get to know her, doesn't have the time, energy, or desire to, well, it really is their loss, and they're throwing away the most beautiful opportunity of a lifetime. I truly believe that...and I think people like Deborah, and most of the people in our lives understand that concept too. Thank you Deborah, you made my day!

Charlie was in Children's hospital for two weeks, the first week very touch and go, but she's feeling much better now so we have been preparing for home through
Canuck Place where we've been staying the past five days. We are getting super comfortable at Canuck Place...we actually asked to extend our stay another couple of days, where in the past, we were always in a hurry to get home...ahhh the changes comfort can bring! It's just such a relaxing place to stay, and the staff is amazing. Actually, on Thursday we are being interviewed for their Canuck Place Telethon commercial, and Charlie is being 'featured' canoodling with a Vancouver Canuck, pretty cool!

So, all in all, life is good again this week, and Charlie is still amazing us with her strength, bravery, and her beautiful, happy disposition...still learning something from her, every. single. day.

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!


  1. another sweet pic. glad to hear you are all doing well and supported by lovely people :)

  2. So glad and happy that she is getting better! You are not arrogant at all, she is a jewel and its a privilege to have you share her with us. Praying for her and you. - tani

  3. Im so happy that Charlie is feeling better. I wish I could be supportive to you but really dont know how?! I dont want to bother you by too many comments and likes, but I do "creep" your facebook, and always hope for good news, which is often there because Charlie is such a fighter! I feel strongly for your situation, the love and determination you have, the beauty of Charlie, her precious smiles (and thumbsucking) always melt my heart. I've had many tears, but I must say, most are happy, because she is constantly beating the odds, and she's truly amazing. Much love to you all, Cherie!


  4. So glad to hear she's on the mend!! I was checking everyday for an update and was thrilled to see the news today. Big hugs to you all from afar!


  5. so glad to hear that she's on the mend again. I've been checking the blog everyday for an update and had to smile when I saw her little pony tail! so very, very cute!! hope your stay at canuck place continues to go smoothly. take care!

  6. Hi Cherie....I'm so glad to hear that Charlie is on the mend! I can't believe how her looks are changing! She's losing that baby look and looks like a sweet little girl with her tiny pigtails! That's way too cute. You're not arrogant at all. She is a precious gift and you're right....people are missing out if they don't get to know her. (My in-laws don't bother with my kids and I have always said the same thing. They're missing out on two wonderful kids) Canuck place sounds like a great support for you all and I don't blame you for not wanting to leave. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love and hugs to you all.........Kris

  7. wonderful news...you are missed even if a comment isn't left. you probably have more people thinking about you and charlie than you'd like! lol!

  8. Yeah! Sweet baby Charlie Anne, Happy Birthday!

  9. So happy for this post!!!!
    your little family is never far from my heart
    when you don't write for a period of time I am scared to even think about what is going on...i tell myself all is well and they are just busy as all young families are! And then I breathe a sigh of relief when you post another update.I love that someone took the time to touch you like that, it is what life is all about...and you are right...knowing Charlie IS a privilege...I feel privileged just to be able to come to this space and visit...

    love and light to you

  10. Just another stranger here who stops by often wondering for news of you and your beautiful Charlie... I haven't met you but I think of your family often.

  11. So glad to hear that Charlie is doing better! What a precious picture!! I too have been reading your blog for awhile now and was wondering how you have been! Stay strong! Much love to you and your family.

  12. You are such an amazing Mom and have a very special little girl, big love and hugs to your family!

  13. So glad to hear Charlie is feeling better. Was checking up every day. Praying for all of you. So proud of Charlie.