Monday, November 14, 2011

F*ck you SMA!

(Charlie, the bravest girl I know, 28 months)

Charlie just got new splints for her hands. It was suggested that we put them on her overnight. But, she's a thumbsucker and she'd never have it. So, we put them on her during the day instead. And, of course, it's just one more thing my angel puts up with and excepts. Problem is, I can't. I took this picture after I prepared Charlie for bed the other night. I stared at her with tears in my eyes, RAGING inside my head. This is how she sleeps EVERY night...splints (hand ones during the day), breathing machine, suction machine, feed pump, and a leg skirt to avoid her legs flopping open froggy style which can cause hip problems. Look closely. She is STILL smiling through it all. I look at this picture and I think to myself, why?! F*ck you SMA!


  1. you are such a brave mamma!!!
    and YES
    F*CK YOU SMA!!!!!!

    love and light

  2. Cherie I don't know how you do it. F SMA is right. It's so unfair to a child. It's amazing how Charlie's smile is shining through everything. She is truly an amazing little girl. What a sweetheart she is.

  3. She shines so brightly...I swear I can feel her smile and her eyes twinkling whenever I think of the two of you and I have never even met her. She definitely has the bravest mama and you need to know that she carries that smile because of you.
    xo My warmest thoughts are with you and I agree F*ck SMA!!!!

  4. what a sweetie :) you are doing a great job mothering through the tough stuff. because of that, she thinks her life is about that love and not SMA and she is happy.

  5. She is something else that is for sure!! You are a wonderful mama to Charlie and such a great advocate for her too. Your love is so obvious and shows in each picture you take of her. Rockstars all the way.