Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy belated 30th Charlie!! Officially 2 and a half years old!

Charlie is 2 and a half years old! We were not supposed to see this day, but here we are! We thought we'd never even hear the words mama or papa. SMA affects ALL of the muscles...the tongue (for speaking) the lungs, the limbs, the esophagus (Charlie's on Zantac for this) and can cause facial paralysis. Also, Charlie's jaw needs to be exercised regularly because she is constantly clenching it closed; she does this to protect herself from accidentally swallowing her secretions which she knows she'll choke on if she does. We never take Charlie's smiles, leg wiggles (dancing) or gentle caresses (the BEST feeling in the world!) for granted. AND, Charlie is SINGING now! She learns new songs within hours and hums the tune perfectly over and over, it's really quite brilliant, and nothing short of amazing.
For this post, I'm putting up some of my favorite pictures and videos of Charlie from the past 6 months.

Smiles at grandmas house.
Christmas Jammies.
Cuddles with mama.
On our way to meet Santa.
Still smiling and thumb sucking with her new hand splints.
Baby cuddles.
Dancing with mama.
Cuddles with papa.
Brave girl.
Stocking stuffer.
My little elf.
Toy Story (thanks Starlight Foundation!) with bf Dani.
Aunty Fatima brought this back from India for Charlie.


  1. our girlies are getting so old. she is so sweet looking. i wish i could give her a hug!

  2. She is amazing and so full of love and life. I love the 'Super Grover' clip. Cute!

  3. okay
    THAT was so awesome!!!!!!!!!
    love love loved it

    wow Cherie what a season it has been for you
    may 2012 bring you much more great gifts like these!!

    Love and Light

  4. so freakin precious!! love all of these!!

  5. Sweetest little thing ever! Charlie is amazing, and so are you for caring for her so well!