Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 34 month birthday Charlie-Anne!

 (A birthday stroll to Granville Island with Aunty Shannon and Gracelyn)

Last spring I took Charlie to a mom and baby get together at a good friend of mines place. Matt dropped us off and I told him I'd call him when we were ready to be picked up. The hostess and all the ladies, most of whom I knew, were all lovely and hospitable. But, I was having one of those days. I just didn't feel comfortable. I felt 'different'. As is the usual case of a good party, it ended up in the kitchen, where all the yummy food was. I joined for a bit, but Charlie can't be held long...she's heavy and she breathes with her tummy, and to be held safely her tummy is usually pressed against my chest, which stifles her breathes. My arms were going numb, and Charlie was struggling to breathe so I headed into the living room where I placed her down on the couch and we sat alone. I was feeling a little awkward and out of sorts so I texted Matt, "Don't go far, you'll be picking me up SOON!" That's when I met Gracelyn for the first time. This perfect little blonde haired blue eyed 4 year old with the cutest little glasses came and sat next to Charlie and started talking to and caressing her. So sweet! She just melted me. I instantly felt better.

Eventually everyone moved downstairs. Most of the kids were running around outside and I was in the rec room with Charlie and a few moms when about 15 feet away, at the door to outside, another little blonde haired blue eyed angel stopped in her tracks, made eye contact with me, and just stared me down. She then came galloping down the hallway, stepping over Charlie to get to me , squashing her feed bag on the way, and propped herself up on her tippy toes, snot dripping from her nose, which usually terrifies me more than garlic or a cross does a vampire, and planted a big sloppy kiss on my cheek, and then turned around and ran away. I was speechless, and my heart was officially warmed to the gills.  I later found out she was Gracelyn's little sister Olivia. OMG! Could these girls get any cuter?! They seemed to sense exactly what I needed. It was definitely one of those days/moments you don't forget.

A few days later I was on Facebook when I noticed that Gracelyn and Olivia's mom Shannon thanked our mutual friend Tschessey for hosting the party. I decided to message Shannon, who I'd never met before that day, and who I actually never even spoke to at the party. I told her how I was feeling that day and how her daughters had made my day and that she was obviously doing an excellent job raising them. I then asked her if I could add her to Facebook so I could check out pics of her little angels. And, that's how Shannon and I became friends. The first time we went for a drink we clicked instantly. She has since helped me raise money for Canuck Place and SMA research and I would now consider her a great friend. And her daughters are seriously little D-A-R-L-I-N-G-S! Gracelyn is so gentle and jumps at the chance to spend time with Charlie. It's so heart melting to see.

Yesterday, for Charlie's 34 month birthday me and Shannon and Gracelyn and Charlie walked to Granville Island. On the way there we walked by a woman, her young daughter, and what looked like her mother. As I passed by her she said, "I read your blog, you don't know me but I used to live where she had her birthday and I've been reading your blog ever since." She made my day and reminded me of one of the reasons I write this blog. I want people to get to know and love my little angel almost as much as do. I want her story to affect them. I want to show people how resilient and strong she is and to learn valuable lessons through her life. And I think it's working. Charlie does it again. And again. And again. And again to people. I've got a a smile ten feet wide across my face right now. So proud of my little red head. SO proud. Happy birthday miracle girl!

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  1. gosh, so close to being 3!! i cannot believe our girls are getting so old!