Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exciting times!

(Charlie and mama at Children's hospital for her bi yearly neuro review)

Last Thursday Michelle Eliot from CBC radios 'The Parenting Project' and 'On The Coast' came over to interview me about Charlie and my blog. It airs tomorrow at 5:20 pm on 88.1FM. This is the link to it as well:

Thank you so much for helping us raise SMA awareness Michelle! 

Well, we reached our fundraising goal for Charlie's Angels! So far, we've raised $3850 for The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation,! And they blogged about Charlie's Angels here: Thanks to all who donated, and if you'd still like to, here is the link to the Charlie's Angels Facebook page:

The Marathon is this Sunday, May 6th. I'm nervous! Wish us luck!

Charlie was lucky enough to qualify for an Eye Gaze System recently. Basically it's this really awesome computer where she uses her eyes as a mouse to communicate with us. It blows my mind what technology can do! It also blows my mind CONFIRMING how brilliant my little angel really is. I mean, we always knew it, but now we have proof! She is picking it up so fast. I'll post videos soon. Of course, the second we find out Charlie qualifies for the Eye Gaze, she starts talking more and annunciating her words better...not that I'm complaining! She also just got her standing frame. So, things are getting pretty exciting around these parts! I'm attaching a couple of videos of Charlie in action. Just when you think you can't love her anymore...


  1. oh wow! that is awesome! i can't wait to see her use it!

  2. Wow! Charlie is rockin'! Her little voice is so sweet : )