Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday (June 22nd) Charlie!

On June 23rd we celebrated Charlie's 3rd birthday with a bbq for family and friends. It was a perfect day, Charlie was in a great mood and was loving all of the attention. Here are a few pics from her special day. Wow. 3. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. Crazy good. We love you to the moon and back Char!


  1. Hope this doesn't sound too creepy but I think I saw you guys at Granville Island over the weekend?! Vancouver is small!

    Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Charlie :)

    1. Crazy good, indeed! Happy Birthday sweet Charlie! It looks like your party was fantastic!

      Andrea, this week I was looking for you while my family rode bikes along the seawall in your just never know, eh?!

    2. I was there. We spend a lot of time there. Say hi next time!

  2. She is just beautiful! You can tell she likes the camera too! I miss having those crazy birthday parties when my kids were little! Happy 3rd Birthday to sweet Charlie!!.......Kris

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie! I've been following this blog for at least a year now and am continuously wowed at what a great mother you are. You're amazing, Charlie is amazing and I am quite often thinking of you as I work in a pediatricians office. Xoxox Lauren

  4. Happy Birthday to a very, very Special Little Angel!! Charlie, you ROCK! Linda xoxoxox